Well, hi.

I’m Pamela. You may call me Pamela. I am neither an endorser of Name-Shortening, nor fond of nicknames, so there’s that.

I was a teacher in my Before Parenting season, and when my people were small, I ran a not-for-profit affordable housing agency in the county where we lived. My eyes were opened to the systems and structures that affected the working poor, and learning how to communicate these issues while fundraising in a county that was overwhelmingly politically conservative was an incredible learning experience.

Five years later, I spent time serving the Syrian refugee community in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. It broke my heart to see and hear what war does to humans. For the past five years, I’ve been in graduate school. I have a MA in Social Justice, and a Master of Divinity. For a while, I was working toward ordination in the United Methodist Church, but the church doubled down on its punitive treatment of LGBT persons which stands in opposition to the Gospel of Christ. I officially withdrew my membership from the UMC in the spring of 2019.

I live in Rochester, NY, with my four sons and a small menagerie. I also love cake and coffee and yoga pants and sweaters and hand-knit socks and being warm.

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