Well, hi.

I’m Pamela. You may call me Pamela. I am neither an endorser of Name-Shortening, nor fond of nicknames, so there’s that.

I’ve been married for more than 10 but less than 20 years to the same fellow because he’s nice and not at all because of the ultimatum he gave me a whole mess of years ago when I was pregnant with our oldest. Also that guy survived my unique brand of crazy during four entire pregnancies and a couple that didn’t stick. Sometimes I think it’s sort of unfair that he gets to keep being married to me as his prize.

There is a noisy pile of children in our home. I say ‘pile’ because they seem to always be all together occupying the same 2 square feet.  Even when they are not standing on each other’s toes, they maintain physical contact at all times. Do not be mistaken. It is not cute.

Also noisy is the parakeet, Buddy. He likes to have shouting matches with himself and to walk around on the floor of the house, taunting the cat. The cat is called Knucklehead and he’s dreamy for a cat.

I’m a knitter, and I have a little business knitting for other people. It is really fun. I am collecting Master’s degrees– I have a MA in Social Justice, and currently am a MDiv candidate. I love travelling, the Middle East, coffee, and also staying home. I have schooled my kids at home for seven years and I’m kind of over it.

I also love cake and coffee and yoga pants and sweaters and hand-knit socks and being warm.

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